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Nursing homes, removal of management positions, the Cedma and debts of the Board, to the plenary session of the Provincial Council

Nursing homes, removal of management positions, the Cedma and debts of the Board, to the plenary session of the Provincial Council

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The use of the residences of the Diputación de Málaga, the suppression of managerial positions and the debts that the Junta de Andalucía maintains with the institution in services such as home help are some of the issues that will be debated this Tuesday in the provincial plenary session. ordinary May.

Thus, the PP carries an urgent motion for the council to continue the administrative procedures so that the residence of elderly La Vega de Archidona (Malaga) is dedicated to day center where activities are carried out and also residence for patients, minors and adults, with Autistic spectrum, as indicated by the deputy spokesman of the government team, Francisco Oblaré.

To this end, the Agency for Social Services and Dependency of Andalusia and the Department of Equality and Social Policies are asked for “their collaboration and agreement”, taking into account that “there are only 40 subsidized places in Andalusia in centers specialized in autism”.

The ‘popular’ recall in the motion that last April 3 the vice president of the Deputy and deputy of Equality, Ana Mata, held a meeting with the director general of the Agency of Social Services and Dependency, Encarnación Aguilar, and the mayor of Archidona, where the situation and needs in terms of care for dependent elderly and adults and children with functional diversity, especially those with autism spectrum.

Thus, the proposal was moved to Aguilar, part of the entity EDAU and Afedau, requesting the space of the residence La Vega, “and was well received by the general director, who raised the need for a new meeting for greater specificity in the month of September. “

The goal is for the province to have a center of reference for pedagogical innovation, research and care of adults and children with an autistic spectrum in an integral way “and to avoid in the short term that many of these adults move to a situation of social exclusion through the lack of coverage and social response. ” Currently, Oblaré said, the La Vega residence “has few elderly people and no more places are arranged by the Board, so it is underutilized.”

Precisely, this motion has caught the attention of the spokeswoman of Malaga Now, Rosa Galindo, which has affected that does not know how the government team “can sleep at night” since, on the one hand, presents “a plan to combat loneliness “and, on the other, he wants” to close the provincial residences and for La Vega to be used for minors and adults with an autistic spectrum “; something that, nevertheless, “said that we were going to try to work together to solve the lack of places”.

“The PP has engrossed EDAU, in charge of caring for autistic people, with assigning the use of the La Vega residence in Antequera so that it can be approved by the Board, confirming the intentions to privatize these public facilities. elderly people of this center would be transferred to San Carlos, in Archidona, “he said at a press conference.

For Galindo, it is “aberrant” for the government team “to take advantage of the painful situation of the families of autism patients, who do not have guaranteed assistance from public administrations and thus try to confront two dependent sectors ” He recalled that this year the Government of Bendodo “has already eliminated the early care service at the Virgen de la Esperanza center in the capital, which served 120 children with problems, precisely, such as autism.”

Cs, on the other hand, devotes its urgent motion to the heavy rainfall of May 8 in several municipalities, especially Villanueva de la Concepción and Almogía, so that the County Council collaborates and provides the necessary help in this type of emergency, according to said the spokesman, Gonzalo Sichar.

The orange training also takes a motion to prepare a feasibility study for the Edition Center of the Diputación de Málaga (Cedma) to propose a reduction in costs. The cost of the same amounts to two million annually to publish “just 5,600 copies of magazines, monographs and 195,000 copies of advertising posters.” “This expense could be reduced considerably if the printing service is outsourced,” he added.

The PSOE has presented as an urgent motion the streamlining and simplification of administrative procedures in the Diputación de Málaga. Thus, the spokesman, Francisco Rabbit, has criticized that the process on the files of refund of subsidy is “an authentic torment” for the mayors, what generates “malaise and limits the economic capacity of the municipalities that see how they are demanded amounts of years ago and their local budgets are shrinking.

He has also criticized that the council “keeps money” from the municipalities because in public contracts, when there is a loss, the amounts go to the supramunicipal institution, leaving, said, to receive that money the municipality, “that could be used for other projects. “

IU takes as an urgent motion that the Provincial Council publicly supports the work of Helena Maleno in protecting human rights and that the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs “support this activist and intermediary in whatever is between their competences with the Government and the Moroccan justice”, have specified the deputies of the coalition Guzmán Ahumada and Teresa Sánchez.


Other motions that will be taken to the ordinary session this Tuesday are from the PP, so that the Junta de Andalucía supports the Ronda and Málaga Wine Route and that the Autonomous Administration pays the money from the home help service that it owes to the Diputación, which Oblaré has estimated in more than eight million; and change the financing model of it.

The third motion that Cs presents asks the institution to prepare a strategic plan that establishes the shortcomings and needs for innovation in the Malaga municipalities to advance in the concepts of digitalization and smart cities and smart territories.

The PSOE will also demand that the government team that amortizes the coordination position of Communication and Brand Strategy in Tourism Costa del Sol and suspend the selection process for this position; in addition to that he amortizes the position of general coordinator of the Provincial Collection Board.

The Socialists will also suggest that the Debate of the State of the Province has more political content and that both the government’s proposals and those of the opposition are debated. After criticizing that the new regulations for the organization of the Provincial Council have not yet been published, they request that the debate on proposals that was not held on May 4 in that debate be held in another plenary session.

IU has two other motions, one on the use of ambulance care and non-assistance by the Board and another to insist the PP to implement an employment plan in smaller municipalities instead of allocating the money to pay voluntarily the debt of the supramunicipal institution.

The other motions of Malaga Now seek the fulfillment of two separate agreements, one to convene the LGBTI working table to design a plan for visibility and equality with associations and to request that the Metropolitan Transport Consortium incorporate the gender perspective and study measures such as on-demand stops for women and minors at night or the lighting of the most isolated. Galindo has asked for an appearance to be explained why “after two and a half years of his promise has not taken steps in the creation of a public park for rental housing.”

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