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Which investments are more secure

Security is a criterion of utmost importance for many investors who, out of pure risk aversion or prudential criteria with respect to their investment objective, try to eliminate or minimize the possibility of incurring losses.

Nuances of the psychology of the investment aside, the security of an investment becomes more important when closer temporarily speaking is the objective for which we invest. Time conditions the investment significantly because it grants or removes room for maneuver.

Imagine the case of two people saving for retirement. The first one is in the final straight, five years before retiring. For this person, security is a crucial variable, given the relevance of their savings objective and the importance of not squandering the savings effort of decades. Preserving the capital, in this case, is the priority. The second person is 30 years old and is beginning to save for retirement. Its time horizon of saving exceeds three decades and it needs to maximize profitability now that it has a lot of room for maneuver. In the case of this person, the risk is precisely not to take risks. Security loses relevance in this scenario.

Measure safety: volatility

Volatility is a measure of the risk frequently used in the field of investments. It measures how much the price of an asset deviates from its average value in a certain interval of time. The greater the volatility, the greater the risk, but also the potential gain, since the deviation can be both negative and positive.

Is there investment without risk?

A risk-free asset is one that offers a previously known return and its risk is zero, that is, its volatility is zero and therefore its value will not change over time. Given that profitability and risk are directly related, the risk-free asset will offer a low return and also the “risk-free” concept is subject to nuances. An example can be the public debt of a very solvent country: with very high probability it will face its commitments, but it can not be guaranteed with absolute certainty that the opposite will not happen.

Any investment that seeks additional profitability to that offered by this type of assets, must assume a greater risk. This is one of the basic principles of investment that everyone should be very clear about.

Which investments are safer?

Based on the security criteria, we could classify some of the best-known investments from lowest risk to highest risk, as indicated:

Savings and bank deposits

These products offer a fixed return known in advance and generally within a certain period. In environments with low interest rates, they usually offer a very low profitability, so these products are generally recommended for conservative investors who prioritize security to profitability. The inherent risk of these products would be the bankruptcy of the financial institution, although they are guaranteed up to € 100,000 per customer through the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Fixed Income Investments

There is a wide variety of fixed income assets, some of the low risk (such as Treasury Bills) and others of high risk (such as fixed income securities of emerging countries). Profitability is fixed and known beforehand as long as the securities are held until maturity, although there are a number of risks:

  • Market risk: the possibility that the securities are priced below the price we pay for them.
  • Liquidity risk: this is the risk that there is no counterpart in the market and, therefore, that the product can not be sold.
  • Credit risk: It is the risk that is assumed by the possible failure to pay the interest and/or the main investment by the issuer.

Investments in Variable Income

By variable income, we usually refer to the shares of companies, which we acquire in organized securities markets. They have listed securities and their volatility is higher than that of fixed income securities. In return, they aspire to obtain higher returns. Equity securities do not offer a predetermined return (although some offer periodic payments in the form of dividends) and their evolution is subject to internal variables such as the management of the company, but also to external variables such as political or macroeconomic factors.

Investments in derivative products

Derivative products are financial instruments whose value derives from the evolution of the prices of another asset, called “underlying asset”, which can be an action, a basket of shares, a fixed income value, a currency, raw materials, types of interest…

These are very high-risk products since they are subject to what is known as the leverage effect, which consists in that the investment actually made is lower than the actual exposure to the underlying asset, so there is a multiplier effect of both the gains as of the losses.

The EIB grants a loan of 185 million euros for the reconstruction of Lorca

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted the Autonomous Community a loan of 185 million euros that will be used to defray the reconstruction and rehabilitation of buildings and infrastructure affected by the earthquakes of Lorca on May 11, 2011, as properties of use residential, artistic and cultural heritage, roads and educational facilities, among other things.

The loan was signed this Wednesday in Murcia by the vice president of the EIB, Magdalena Álvarez, the president of the regional government, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Juan Bernal, in an act that has also had the presence of the Counselor of Public Works, Antonio Sevilla, the Government Commissioner for the reconstruction of Lorca, Inmaculada García, and the mayor of the municipality, Francisco Jódar.

This money will have to be returned by the Autonomous Community in a period of 15 years and at an interest rate of 2.86 percent, although the loan has a grace period of three years in which the regional government will be exempt from its return.

Valcárcel has congratulated himself for the “advantageous” conditions in which the loan has been signed, which are “assumable” for the Region of Murcia because he recalled that the loan “will be paid by all Murcia, as is natural”.

In this regard, Álvarez stressed that the first attraction of the loan is that it allows obtaining “the necessary liquidity, which today is so difficult to obtain in the markets”. In addition, he recalled that the few loans that are granted have “very difficult conditions to return”, which “weighs down the possibilities for the future”.

He remarked that the attractiveness of credit also lies in the three-year grace period, which allows the Community “to have a breathing space and an ability to obtain income at a better time in the economy”.

Compared to the cost of obtaining this loan; in the markets, he remarked that the Autonomous Community “saves 30 percent on the total amount of credit, ie approximately 57 million euros.” This saving “is going to allow the Community to carry out another series of actions that it could not have undertaken if it had reduced its budgetary resources,” he added.

And it is that the EIB has “the best rating” and obtains financing from the markets under “very favorable” financial conditions. As it is a European and public Bank, it has “no desire or appetite to obtain benefits, but rather the benefit is serving European interests”, Álvarez explained.

Destination of money

Specifically, the vice president of the EIB has stressed that 60 percent of these 185 million euros will be used for the reconstruction of buildings with residential use affected by earthquakes and even the rehabilitation of a neighborhood in its entirety, such as La Viña, which was one of the most affected by the earthquakes.

In this sense, it has been congratulated because this investment will allow the victims “to return to their homes in suitable conditions and with a habitability commensurate with the level that corresponds in the XXI century and, therefore, overcomes adversity.”

Another large group of projects that are going to be covered by this loan are those that have to do with the rehabilitation of the artistic and cultural heritage of Lorca, with the aim that the municipality “once again offer its history, to put it at the service of Lorca, so they can carry out economic activity related to tourism. “

Among the list of historical monuments and buildings to be restored through the Master Plan for the Recovery of the Cultural Heritage of Lorca, the most affected churches and convents are included, among which the church and convent of San Francisco, the Colegio de San Francisco, the Santo Domingo church and the Rosario chapel, as well as the churches of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, San Pedro, Santa Maria, San Juan, San José and San Diego. Also the Artistic and Literary Casino, the palace of the Counts of San Julián, the Torre de Mena in La Hoya or the cloister of Santo Domingo, among others.

He also indicated that the works include the rehabilitation of educational buildings and the acquisition of equipment and furniture for schools, institutes, and other educational institutions. Among these actions is planned the construction of the new Ros Giner Institute, the reconstruction of the old part of the Ramón Arcas institute and the conservatory, as major works.

It also includes the rehabilitation and adaptation of regional roads, such as RM-701 (Lorca-La Parroquia) and RM-621 (Lorca-Purias).

The Mayor of Lorca has remarked that Lorca “won the European Championship on Wednesday, before the semifinal was played”, comparing the granting of the loan with the Eurocopa, since the credit “is like the manna that has come to us in moments of great need. “

“Confidence with the future”

"Confidence with the future"

Valcárcel thanked the EIB “their commitment and sensitivity to Lorca, while the confidence shown with the Region of Murcia and its future.” “A future that happens, inescapably, for the recovery of the city of Lorca, its economy and its vitality as head of a large region,” said Valcárcel.

The president of the Region was pleased to consider that the signing of this agreement “represents the solution to many of the problems that Lorca has at the moment”, as well as “the realization that the magnitude of the disaster required solutions in accordance with the economic, social and human impact of the tragedy “.

He also congratulated that this agreement “is a transcendent and decisive financial injection that will allow us to have the necessary resources to carry out, in an urgent and immediate way, important actions of urban reconstruction of the city,” which he described as “one of the three pillars that sustain the Region of Murcia “.

“With these amounts,” Valcárcel said, “the rehabilitation of housing and educational centers, the recovery of urban infrastructures, cultural heritage, and regional roads are being addressed.”

Some actions “absolutely essential”, which, he recalled, “are supported by another loan, granted by the Official Credit Institute, which involves the mobilization, from the Community, of more than 300 million euros to deal with guarantees for reconstruction from the city”. This agreement, the president stressed, “is an injection of money, but also of hope and confidence that we are on the road to the recovery of the city.”

Álvarez stressed that the EIB has financed 2,500 million euros in the Region of Murcia so far, which are divided into actions by the private sector, the regional administration, municipalities and the State in the Community. Of those 2,500 million euros, 800 have been destined only for the regional Administration.

All this money has been used to finance infrastructure projects, the construction of hospitals and the financing of SMEs, has added.


Nursing homes, removal of management positions, the Cedma and debts of the Board, to the plenary session of the Provincial Council

Nursing homes, removal of management positions, the Cedma and debts of the Board, to the plenary session of the Provincial Council

Facade of the deputation of Málaga flags europe headquarters supramunicipal building DIPUTACIÓN DE MÁLAGA – Archive

The use of the residences of the Diputación de Málaga, the suppression of managerial positions and the debts that the Junta de Andalucía maintains with the institution in services such as home help are some of the issues that will be debated this Tuesday in the provincial plenary session. ordinary May.

Thus, the PP carries an urgent motion for the council to continue the administrative procedures so that the residence of elderly La Vega de Archidona (Malaga) is dedicated to day center where activities are carried out and also residence for patients, minors and adults, with Autistic spectrum, as indicated by the deputy spokesman of the government team, Francisco Oblaré.

To this end, the Agency for Social Services and Dependency of Andalusia and the Department of Equality and Social Policies are asked for “their collaboration and agreement”, taking into account that “there are only 40 subsidized places in Andalusia in centers specialized in autism”.

The ‘popular’ recall in the motion that last April 3 the vice president of the Deputy and deputy of Equality, Ana Mata, held a meeting with the director general of the Agency of Social Services and Dependency, Encarnación Aguilar, and the mayor of Archidona, where the situation and needs in terms of care for dependent elderly and adults and children with functional diversity, especially those with autism spectrum.

Thus, the proposal was moved to Aguilar, part of the entity EDAU and Afedau, requesting the space of the residence La Vega, “and was well received by the general director, who raised the need for a new meeting for greater specificity in the month of September. “

The goal is for the province to have a center of reference for pedagogical innovation, research and care of adults and children with an autistic spectrum in an integral way “and to avoid in the short term that many of these adults move to a situation of social exclusion through the lack of coverage and social response. ” Currently, Oblaré said, the La Vega residence “has few elderly people and no more places are arranged by the Board, so it is underutilized.”

Precisely, this motion has caught the attention of the spokeswoman of Malaga Now, Rosa Galindo, which has affected that does not know how the government team “can sleep at night” since, on the one hand, presents “a plan to combat loneliness “and, on the other, he wants” to close the provincial residences and for La Vega to be used for minors and adults with an autistic spectrum “; something that, nevertheless, “said that we were going to try to work together to solve the lack of places”.

“The PP has engrossed EDAU, in charge of caring for autistic people, with assigning the use of the La Vega residence in Antequera so that it can be approved by the Board, confirming the intentions to privatize these public facilities. elderly people of this center would be transferred to San Carlos, in Archidona, “he said at a press conference.

For Galindo, it is “aberrant” for the government team “to take advantage of the painful situation of the families of autism patients, who do not have guaranteed assistance from public administrations and thus try to confront two dependent sectors ” He recalled that this year the Government of Bendodo “has already eliminated the early care service at the Virgen de la Esperanza center in the capital, which served 120 children with problems, precisely, such as autism.”

Cs, on the other hand, devotes its urgent motion to the heavy rainfall of May 8 in several municipalities, especially Villanueva de la Concepción and Almogía, so that the County Council collaborates and provides the necessary help in this type of emergency, according to said the spokesman, Gonzalo Sichar.

The orange training also takes a motion to prepare a feasibility study for the Edition Center of the Diputación de Málaga (Cedma) to propose a reduction in costs. The cost of the same amounts to two million annually to publish “just 5,600 copies of magazines, monographs and 195,000 copies of advertising posters.” “This expense could be reduced considerably if the printing service is outsourced,” he added.

The PSOE has presented as an urgent motion the streamlining and simplification of administrative procedures in the Diputación de Málaga. Thus, the spokesman, Francisco Rabbit, has criticized that the process on the files of refund of subsidy is “an authentic torment” for the mayors, what generates “malaise and limits the economic capacity of the municipalities that see how they are demanded amounts of years ago and their local budgets are shrinking.

He has also criticized that the council “keeps money” from the municipalities because in public contracts, when there is a loss, the amounts go to the supramunicipal institution, leaving, said, to receive that money the municipality, “that could be used for other projects. “

IU takes as an urgent motion that the Provincial Council publicly supports the work of Helena Maleno in protecting human rights and that the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs “support this activist and intermediary in whatever is between their competences with the Government and the Moroccan justice”, have specified the deputies of the coalition Guzmán Ahumada and Teresa Sánchez.


Other motions that will be taken to the ordinary session this Tuesday are from the PP, so that the Junta de Andalucía supports the Ronda and Málaga Wine Route and that the Autonomous Administration pays the money from the home help service that it owes to the Diputación, which Oblaré has estimated in more than eight million; and change the financing model of it.

The third motion that Cs presents asks the institution to prepare a strategic plan that establishes the shortcomings and needs for innovation in the Malaga municipalities to advance in the concepts of digitalization and smart cities and smart territories.

The PSOE will also demand that the government team that amortizes the coordination position of Communication and Brand Strategy in Tourism Costa del Sol and suspend the selection process for this position; in addition to that he amortizes the position of general coordinator of the Provincial Collection Board.

The Socialists will also suggest that the Debate of the State of the Province has more political content and that both the government’s proposals and those of the opposition are debated. After criticizing that the new regulations for the organization of the Provincial Council have not yet been published, they request that the debate on proposals that was not held on May 4 in that debate be held in another plenary session.

IU has two other motions, one on the use of ambulance care and non-assistance by the Board and another to insist the PP to implement an employment plan in smaller municipalities instead of allocating the money to pay voluntarily the debt of the supramunicipal institution.

The other motions of Malaga Now seek the fulfillment of two separate agreements, one to convene the LGBTI working table to design a plan for visibility and equality with associations and to request that the Metropolitan Transport Consortium incorporate the gender perspective and study measures such as on-demand stops for women and minors at night or the lighting of the most isolated. Galindo has asked for an appearance to be explained why “after two and a half years of his promise has not taken steps in the creation of a public park for rental housing.”

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Picture: woman, ATM, withdraw money, checking account, credit card 

Eurozone, credit cards and check cards have contributed to the fact that it is basically superfluous, before the holiday nor the currency of each destination to change. Nowadays it is possible in many countries to get cash with the German girocard. However, withdrawing money from a current account abroad has a catch: it involves additional costs. Almost every traveler knows the topic of the rather high fees when withdrawing abroad, the so-called foreign service charge. Outside the eurozone, the conversion fees for the foreign currency are added.

Fees and costs fall with the girocard

If you want to use your giro card abroad, you should first inform yourself about possible fees – because a real cost trap lurks here! In addition to the pure transaction fees, which are either a fixed amount in euros or a percentage of the withdrawal amount, many banks also charge a fee for conversion into the foreign currency.

However, these costs are not necessarily displayed when withdrawing money, but provide only when looking at the bank statements after the holiday for a nasty surprise. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire before traveling abroad whether there are ATMs or banks at the destination that cooperate with the principal bank, and what are the fees that the bank charges when withdrawing cash.

Caution is also required if the foreign ATM offers to convert the national currency into euros and debit the current account with the amount in euros. The foreign bank operators usually include a premium of between five and ten percent in the exchange rate, which, however, is subsequently not shown on the bank statement and therefore not noticed. However, if the amount is debited in the foreign currency, the foreign bank will send the withdrawal amount to the house bank. This then converts the amount into euros at a fair exchange rate and shows this visibly on the account statements.

High amount of cash or high fees?

At first glance, a vacationer does not have much choice. Either he often deducts smaller amounts from the current account and pays for a higher effort. Or he only gets money at the machine once or twice, but he has to carry large amounts of money with him, the loss of which would be painful.

Does the market offer no solution? Yes, the solution exists. The direct banks offer free checking accounts which also include one or two free credit cards. With most of these credit cards, owners worldwide can withdraw cash at ATMs for free. The number of toll-free withdrawals varies from provider to provider, in some cases there is even no limit. But completely free credit cards are now in short supply. Because the banks are trying to compensate for missing sales – due to the low interest rate policy of the ECB – by fees again. But some banks still offer free credit cards. It is therefore worthwhile for consumers to compare the different bank offers.

Withdraw money abroad: pay attention to conversion fees

This waiver applies primarily to the withdrawal of money in the euro area. However, if orders are made outside the euro area, costs will generally be incurred for translating the foreign currency amount into euros. Whether you travel a lot or generally want to save the holiday fund once or twice a year when withdrawing cash abroad, there are definitely opportunities. Incidentally, this option also offers the credit card without Schufa, which works according to the prepaid system. This also allows young people without a high cash count to go on vacation.

 You earn your money with data collection

 You earn your money with data collection

Credit bureaus such as the Schufa sell estimates of the creditworthiness of companies and consumers. While data collectors defend their business model, critics repeatedly accuse them of dangerous practices.

Image: Analyzes and graphics on tablet 

“To lend money, it needs trust,” argues, for example, Schufa spokesman Ingo A. Koch. Without a credit check, the risk of default would rise, so that loans would be more expensive for everyone. After all, even private individuals could get information from Schufa: “For example, about the company that is to be commissioned to build the home.”

Storage duration is controversial

A negative rating from a credit bureau is a massive intervention, others say. “What worries us is the retention period of an entry,” explains lawyer Thomas Fein from Hanover. Even if a loan has been paid, the entry stops for three years. Only then does the legislature oblige the credit bureaus to delete them. “If you have argued with your mobile service provider and therefore have not paid installments, it may be that you will not get a real estate loan years later.”

Which data is used?

What credit agencies are allowed to save and what not, is regulated by the Federal Data Protection Act. “However, the guidelines are very vague,” criticizes Malte Engeler, who looks after the private sector at the Independent Center for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (USD). “There are no clear content-related criteria as to which data may be used.”

The Schufa declined to collect data on income, wealth, nationality, occupation, marital status or religion. “We only store credit-related information such as opened accounts, credit cards or payment problems,” emphasizes company spokesman Koch.

Scoring: How trustworthy are you?

From their data credit bureaus calculate the credit rating with a point system. These score values ​​sell them to interested parties: “An information agency may issue the data if the requesting party has a legitimate interest”, explains Engeler the legal regulation. This is the case, for example, when a loan is at risk of default. However, the matter is only checked on the basis of random samples. “In practice, therefore, it comes to unauthorized inquiries, which then land with us privacy advocates.”

Many data can also be reported to credit bureaus without the consent of those affected. For example, companies may inform about a payment delay if they have not reacted to the second reminder. “Consumers should always respond to unauthorized claims,” ​​advises lawyer Fein. Usually it is sufficient to contradict the invoice in writing by registered mail.

No account or credit without Schufa

Schufa’s data collection has another basis, the so-called Schufa clause: anyone opening an account or concluding a loan transaction must agree to the disclosure of their data. Unlike its competitors, Schufa therefore seldom needs to use address data to estimate creditworthiness. How exactly the score is calculated, however, is a trade secret: “We only disclose our formula to the supervisory authorities,” explains Koch. Critics do not go far enough: “We demand greater transparency on how score values ​​are achieved,” says Engeler.

Bad Schufa value as protection?

One thing Schufa spokesman Koch then reveals: “Repaid or current loans, which are regularly served, are not negative features.” A large part of the Schufa entries is therefore harmless. Those who already have payment difficulties will be protected from further over-indebtedness by the Schufa rating.

Lawyer Fein contradicts this presentation: “Sometimes the score value also goes down with certain behavior, for example when a consumer at several banks at the same time for a loan request.” Even if many small loans were taken or the person involved has several credit cards, this can be bad for the credit rating. “What makes me angry is that we can only speculate about the creation of the Schufa value,” criticized the lawyer.

What to do about contentious entries?

What can consumers do who disagree with their score? “Who suspects disagreements, can turn to the consumer service of Schufa,” says Koch. If there are further doubts, the independent ombudsman of the Schufa checks whether an entry needs to be corrected or deleted. Last year, there were only 18 cases requiring correction, emphasizes the company spokesman. “There are often false small entries that trigger litigation,” says Fein. It makes sense not to act against the Schufa, but against the company that made the entry.

Free self-assessment once a year

Every citizen has the right to know what data is stored about him, explains Engeler. The Schufa also sends a free data overview once a year on request. For passing on to third parties this is not suitable, but there is the fee-based credit information: “One should never give his future landlord the full self-assessment,” warns the privacy advocates. “There is a lot more in there than this one needs to know.”


How To Check Your The Best Possible Weight For Height?

Whenever most women want to lose weight their own first thing to do is to begin cutting food groups, plus calories. The problem is this a lot of stress on the entire body and causes hormone unbalances due to the stress caused by the body, and the mind. Presenting deprivation to your already anxious life will not cause you to shed weight, or reduce belly fat within the long-term because most people quit. This is the well-known “yo-yo effect”, losing and gaining precisely the same 20 or 30 lbs again and again. Studies show that just keeping overweight is better for your wellness than yo-yo dieting.

The particular glycemic index chart can seem like a random report on numbers. If you weren’t conscious of the loophole. It’s the health proteins (and some fats) which make some foods seem weirdly ranked.

One of the most critical things gained from dealing with a fitness trainer is self-esteem. Having someone complimenting a person on your hard work will make you really feel health good about yourself, and can push you to continue.

Another way to handle tension is to do enjoyable points and relax. Be with individuals you have fun with is to do something with them like eating at restaurants, going to a movie, having a have a picnic or starting a fundraising campaign for charity. Never rob yourself of time to unwind because your body, mind plus heart need it. Always have time for you to laugh with your family and friends. Fun, as they say, is the best medicine also it does relieve stress.

Natural health solutions to assist you to feel better abound. Before you head towards the pharmacy aisle, look around through what you already have on hand in your own home. After a while, you might even begin to realize that you’ll get better quicker if you choose organic wellness remedies. Why not give it any kind of try-your body will nice it!

Cardio does not have to be too much. Many people still believe that any kind of level of aerobic fitness indicates committing a substantial amount of time and energy. These are mistaken.

The Oughout. S. is an incredible nation. It has been built on high principles. The “Land of the free” is a concept desired by the hearts of genuine lovers of human pride, fleeing from the dehumanizing oppression they witnessed throughout the world. Our own men and women have passed away for this freedom. Why would positively we deny others the fantastic gift that was set up to become just that — a gift to any or all. The U. S. is a real country, there are just some mistakes that need to be resolved. Might the U. S. reverse to its foundation associated with morality and honor or even may God have whim on us all.

Beginning Credit Repair Without Having Buying The Book: Do-It-Yourself Guideline

If you are planning on buying a home you’ll need to obtain a pre-qualification home loan. This is an integral part of purchasing a home. Many real estate brokers will refuse to teach you any homes until you acquire this. This preliminary action helps to not only figure out how much you can actually afford but additionally tells the seller that you are seriously interested in purchasing their home.

Get in the habit associated with checking your credit report. Under the legislation, you are entitled to a free 3 free credit reports per year. Inspect the report intended for wrong information and notify your creditors immediately.

In order to use the free online Experian free credit report, then you have to be aware of the particular charges that will occur unless you cancel your online membership. After you have signed up and used the free of charge online Experian free credit history, then you will have 30 days in order to cancel your membership should you not want to use the service anymore. Otherwise, you will be charged month-to-month on your credit card.

Look around for a credit card that utilizes the “Average Daily Stability Method. ” By using this technique, you will be given credit for the payment from the first daytime the company receives it, plus, the interest on your balance is going to be computed on your average stability from just one month.

Commit to reviewing them usually. Irregularities will become apparent. In case you suspect fraud, credit fraud report on the credit reports. They can alert a person for a year.

Look at your report. You will notice what they call “aging. Your payment history is definitely shown in 30-60-90 time payment increments. Get all those cleaned up first merely by paying them up to date plus keeping them on time to any extent further. Late payments are the best killer of good credit scores. Every single late payment causes factors to be deducted. The next troublesome areas that show up is whenever collection agencies have been after you or perhaps you have gone bankrupt. Series are a significant problem that will have a personal phone call from you to create arrangements to clean these upward. As for bankruptcy, that will be on your own record for up to 7 many years and you cannot get that will erased. All you can do is usually counter-balance by building a new credit rating that shows you are now the responsible individual.

It takes time to build an excellent credit report and score. You start with the foundation as discussed above in 1. plus move on from there. It may take several weeks, months, even more than a season to get your score to over seven hundred but it is worth the time plus effort. Many financial choices will open to you, that is at this point closed when your credit history displays your new ability to manage credit score and debt.

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